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Team Awards

Most valuable - Aaron Rugnao

Most improved - Ivan Orozco
Coaches' Award - Pedro Loaiza-Sanchez

Girl's Varsity
Most valuable - McKenzie Bacich
Coaches' award - Jordyn White
Most Improved - Abi Aragon

Overall Team Award
Best Newcomer Boys - James McClain
Best Newcomer Girls - Devin Pinzon

 Junior Varsity
Most Improved - Josh Vong
Coaches' Award - Carter Johnson
Most valuable - Tristan Smith
Most improved - Raymond Rivera
Coaches' award - Tristan Jaramillo

Girl's Varsity

Most valuable - McKenzie Bacich

Coaches' award - Marisa Contreras

Most Improved - Inesha West-Taylor

Overall Team Award
Best Newcomer - Jaxx Powell

Junior Varsity
Most Improved - Iris West
Coaches' Award - Ivan Orozco
Most Valuable Wrestler - Aaron Rugnao
Most Improved - Rudy Blanco

Girl's Varsity
Most Valuable Wrestler - McKenzie Bacich
Most Improved - Marisa Contreras
 Junior Varsity
Best Newcomer - Phillip Pascual
Coaches' Award - Tony Gonzalez

Most Valuable Wrestler - JT Goodwin
Most Improved - Bryce Bacich                                                                          
Coaches' Award - Devin Eastman                             
Junior Varsity:
Rookie of the Year - Christian Borres
Most Improved - Raymond Rivera
Coaches' Award - Son Nguyen
Most Valuable Wrestler - Manuel Hernandez
Most Improved - Devin Moore
Coach's Award - Devin Eastman

Girl's Varsity
Coach's Award -  Kim Valencia
Junior Varsity
Most Valuable Wrestler - Michael Enriquez 
Most Improved - Daniel Alatorre
Coach's Award - Orlondo King
Most Improved Wrestler - Eddy Avila
Coaches' Award - Christopher Dotson
Most Valuable Wrestler - Manuel Hernandez

Junior Varsity
Most Improved - Ut Huynh
Coaches' Award - Ajay Arora
MVP : Joseph Goodwin
Coaches Award:  Froylan Valencia
Most Improved: Brittany Lucero
Junior Varsity 
Most Improved :  Andrew Balthazar
Coaches Award:  Aries Moses
Most Improved  Wrestler : Sergio Juarez

Most Valuable  Wrestler : Nelson Louie

Coaches Award : Corey Sweeney 
 Junior Varsity
Most Improved Junior Varsity Wrestler : Brandon Page
Most Valuable Junior Varsity Wrestler : Chad McAffee